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How to find right home for sale in Bay Islands Real estate?

Looking for a house around Bay Islands? Bay Islands happens to be one of the hottest attractions such as Roatan, Utila, Bonacca and more. Make sure to look around you carefully before you make a specific choice. This will eventually help you get a lot of return. Every year, this island attracts a lot of tourists. Finding the right home in the Bay Islands Real estate can seem to be a tough job. Since the place is so beautiful the price is supposed to be higher too. Thus, you can make a choice accordingly.

You should be aware of the little details and where you can get the best property. If you're looking forward to buying a house, Roatan Islands would be the best option for you. Well, there are a number of options you should be aware of such as number of bedrooms, the available space and many more. You should also look forward to if the home for sale in Roatan requires any work regarding the improvement or not. There are some cases where the previous owner may not want to pay the charges for repair. As a result, you will need to end up paying more.

Get to know the homeowner:

When you're preparing to visit the homeowner, you need to come prepared with a list of questions. You should ask them how long they were the owners before you set out to purchase the property. Many new houses seem to have changes but if your homeowner is new, they may not be able to give you a detail. However, if the person has owned the house for a long time, they will be able to offer you a proper detail regarding the house. Also, check if the house any extended warranty or not.

Check for all the floors:

It is necessary to look after properly and whether all the things have been arranged properly or not. You should keep a check on the bathrooms, plumbing and all the floors. Minor problems can arise and this can be confusing. Another major problem is the sagging floors. This clearly will help you understand the structure of the home and whether it needs any structural development or not. Apart from that, the cracks on the walls need to be checked too.

Keep a check on water in the basement:

If you have been considering to purchase the house, you should check for even the smallest details. You should check for the water in the basement. If the recent few days have been rainy, you should check whether the basement is dry or wet. There are chances that even in dry days, the basement will be damped. If it appears so, you should make sure to check for it properly. You should try and find out the issue. Apart from that, you should also look forward to solving the problem for the better convenience.

Carry out a home inspection:

Before you buy a Bay Island real estate, you should prefer carrying out the home inspection. This will help you get an idea about the defaults and problems in the house. If your homeowner hasn't carried out in any recent time, you should prefer doing it on your own. This will help you understand the actual worth of the house that you should pay. If your homeowner doesn't pay for the inspection, you should prefer paying and then lower the prices accordingly. If you are preparing for the repair, you should make sure that you discuss about the deductions with the person.

Whenever you set out to look a house for sale in Roatan, make sure that you are prepared. Apart from the financial preparation, you should also be mentally prepared and ask them about all the necessary questions. Even a little consideration can help you get through the whole process. You need not be confused. It is better to check with the real estate agent before making any move.

You can reach us at Roatan Honduras Real Estate for your next move.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Buying Real Estate in Bay Islands, Honduras

When you proceed to invest in a real estate in the Bay Islands, you are sure to have some mixed up thoughts. Investing in a real estate is a big deal, and everything needs to be taken care of properly in order to ensure safety. However, even a slight difference can cause big troubles. When you check the different internet sources and magazines, you will find a number of examples who have built their large fortune by spending in the real estate sale. Also, these usually depend on the cash flow and how much profit you will earn out of each.

Investing in real estate in Utila may seem to be an attractive option but if necessary measures aren't taken, it may prove to be a great loss. As a result, make sure to look for all the signs mentioned below before you decide to spend on the real estate in Bay Islands.

Property and location
The first thing you need to look after is what kind of property it is and where it is located. If it is located in such a place for where all the necessary aspects are covered, you can consider spending on it. This is because it will help you to get great returns. Most of the times, the people look for options from where they can get access to hospitals, markets, school, workplaces and more.

Do the research
Before you proceed to spend on the real estate in Utila, make sure you have a thorough research about the surrounding areas. These have actually said to be beneficial for keeping a track of the amount you will be spending. Usually, your client won't like an area that isn't sophisticated. As a result, you should put in your best effort to impress your client and get the best results.

Consider monthly amortization
You need to have a down payment if you're looking forward to spending on the property. However, apart from that, you should also take the monthly amortization into consideration to determine price arrangements. You should analyze your financial condition properly regarding how much you can pay and for how long. Determining the cash flow is considered to be the best option while checking with the real estate investments. In some cases, if you cannot meet the payment deadlines, you may end up being under debt. This will, however, lead financial problems in the further times.

Loan investment
If you're looking forward to considering a loan for your investment on the real estate in the Bay Islands, you will have a lot of options. However, it is totally up to you what kind of decision you make. A slight research will help you analyze your financial situation and whether you need the loan or not. Each of these loans has their own benefits associated with it. However, what kind of loan you choose depends on the bank that they will be providing. Make sure you check with the features of the loan before actually taking it.

Begin with low-cost properties
Various real estates in Utila are available at quite good affordable prices. However, there are many people who go up to the extent of spending millions in their first time only. It is not really a good option because what if you do not get the necessary amount. As for benefits, you can either spend in low-range properties or in the middle range ones. This is considered to be a smart investment. You should keep yourself in the low zone for the first investment to ensure financial security.

Life situation
When you are buying a real estate, you need to determine your condition such as whether you are married or single. You should make sure to purchase your property depending on what your condition is.

A smart move and investment can help you gain more than what you think it to be. Make sure to be in contact with a reliable real estate agent for better deals. 

Monday, 3 December 2018

Reasons to Buy Property in Roatan

With its powdery white sand and sparkling turquoise waters, it’s easy to see why Roatan, Honduras, has gained tremendous popularity over the past decade.  Recently touted as one of the best places to retire, particularly among island destinations, it attracts the attention of expats and tourists alike.
While terms like “best-kept secret” and sights such as the towering cruise ships in its ports might turn away some skeptical buyers, Roatan isn’t just another cookie-cutter expat destination.  Its heavily-touristed area is counter-balanced with acre after sparsely-populated acre, just a few miles down the road.  It’s accessible and surprisingly affordable.  And buying property is a breeze compared to other locations of its caliber.

RoatanSir Real Estate

So, before you write it off as just another passing trend in a long line of retirement hotspots, here are a few things you might not know about Roatan realestate and one of the great reasons to by property in Roatan.

Affordable Prices

It goes without saying that a Roatan Honduras property will offer any investor great value for their money. In the Caribbean, properties have since in the 90s seen myriads of people achieved their dreams of owning just a piece of the Caribbean. People like coming for vacations and have a peaceful place to retire. In that regard, they invest here as they watch property and realize profits. Today, to own a property in Roatan is pretty affordable as prices have fallen and are bargainable as well.

In case you have a property professional, they will attest to the property pricing decline over the past few years. A professional will furnish you with reliable information about pricing, which will enable you to make an informed purchase of a Roatan investment property. Only ensure that your company for buyer’s representation uses a Comparable Market Analysis, CMA.

For a relatively small island, Roatan offers a lot of options

Roatan is a 37 mile long island that is situated about 35 miles off the northern coast of Honduras.  It’s less than 5 miles across at its widest point, so essentially it’s a long strip of land that’s divided generally into an eastern and a southwestern section.

If you’re looking for a well-developed, densely populated area where you can walk to bars and restaurants, the southwest end of Roatan is for you.  If not, come along with us to the eastern side.  There you’ll find quite the opposite of the tourist-heavy bustle of the west end.

On the less-populated end of the island of Roatan there are fewer paved roads and beaches with not a single other human in sight.  The amenities are fewer, and consequently property prices are much lower.  You can still reach the hotspots on the west end, as well as the airport in Coxen Hole, within an hour or so.  But with the lower cost of living on the east end of the island, you may not even want to.

While there are a few decent-sized cities on the eastern end of the island (such as Oak Ridge, the capital of San Jose Guardiola), almost all of the action on Roatan is to the west.  Cities like Coxen Hole and French Harbour offer services from banks to gyms to modern medical facilities.  The popular West End is home to the great sandy beaches and dive shops that attract tourists from all over.

With direct flights from the U.S. you can be in Roatan in two hours

Speaking of the airport, you can now find direct flights to Roatan from several major U.S. cities, such as Houston, Miami, and Atlanta.  This development has made a tremendous difference in the time it takes to reach this island getaway, as it was once only accessible by local flight or ferry from the mainland.

This new ease of access makes Roatan one of the simplest to reach island destinations in Central America.  And easy access makes for the potential for appreciation.  As more people and businesses flow into the island, the effect on the Roatan real estate market can only hope to benefit.

Once on the island, getting around is fairly simple.  Buses run every 15 minutes between Coxen Hole and West End, during the day.  Another runs every hour to Oak Ridge, stopping at places such as French Harbour and Punta Gorda, which is where the pavement ends.  The roads become increasingly primitive the farther east you go.

You’ll Make Everyone at Home Jealous

Don’t underestimate this one. How cool is it to have your own retreat from the world with complete privacy and control over your entire environment? And buying an island in Honduras will likely cost you less than a nice pied a terre in Manhattan or a flat in Kensington.

About Roatan SIR

Roatan Sotheby’s International Realty (SIR) was founded in 2017 to give our clients a unique level of service that can’t be found elsewhere on the island. For the first time, our sellers will be given the opportunity to leverage the global reach of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand to deliver an unmatched level of results. Roatan SIR will also offer our buyers unrivaled expertise on the local real estate market combined with access to the island’s most exclusive listings and unparalleled customer service. In short, our focus is both local and global, and it is a proven approach to generate results.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Benefits of investing in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial properties can be a good investment opportunity. For your money, commercial properties typically offer more financial reward than residential properties, such as rental apartments or single-family homes.

Although residential and commercial properties both have proven to be excellent and profitable investments, commercial real estate investing might be a better option for property investors who are willing to undertake a large venture. 

Obtaining a large sum of capital in commercial real estate investing is much easier as there are many financing options to choose from. As a commercial real estate investor, not only do you have the ability to raise capital by using traditional financing options, but you can also use the help of hedge funds, investment groups, and private equity firms. Commercial property investors can also pool capital and have access to more financing to purchase the investment property.

Other benefits include:

Income potential

Commercial properties generally have an annual return off the purchase price between 6% and 12%, depending on the area, which is a much higher range than typically exists for single family home properties (1% to 4% at best).

Professional relationships 

Small business owners generally take pride in their businesses and want to protect their livelihood. Owners of commercial properties are usually not individuals, but LLCs, and operate the property as a business. As such, the landlord and tenant have more of a business-to-business customer relationship, which helps keep interactions professional and courteous

More objective price evaluations

It's often easier to evaluate the property prices of commercial property because you can request the current owner’s income statement and determine what the price should be based on that. If the seller is using a knowledgeable broker, the asking price should be set at a price where an investor can earn the area’s prevailing cap rate for the commercial property type they are looking at (retail, office, industrial, etc.). Residential properties are often subject to more emotional pricing.

Multiply current cash-flow through leverage

When investors place “positive leverage” on an asset, they effectively multiply their net spendable cash by borrowing money at a lower cost than their property returns back to them. A quick example: your friend loans you $10 and asks for $11 back, one dollar interest….you immediately loan that $10 to someone else and ask for $2 interest…paying back the $11 owed and making a profit with no additional investment…you just participated in positive leverage.

Triple net leases

There are variations to triple net leases, but the general concept is that you as the property owner do not have to pay any expenses on the property (as would be the case with residential real estate). The lessee handles all property expenses directly, including real estate taxes. The only expense you’ll have to pay is your mortgage. Companies like Walgreens, CVS, and Starbucks typically sign these types of leases, as they want to maintain a look and feel in keeping with their brand, so they manage those costs, and you as an investor get to have one of the lowest maintenance income producers for your money. Strip malls have a variety of net leases and triple nets are not usually done with smaller businesses, but these lease types are optimal and you can’t get them with residential properties.

Less Competition

Investing in commercial properties (like office buildings and shopping centers) is a huge undertaking. This is why so many property investors shy away from commercial real estate investing. In addition, there are a variety of commercial property types, such as industrial, retail, office, and apartments, and not to mention that within each property type there are also numerous sub-types to choose from. For an experienced property investor willing to take a risk, commercial real estate investing

Why choose Roatan?

Roatan and its neighboring Bay Islands are among the most beautiful destinations in the all the Caribbean. These lush, tropical islands enjoy extremely comfortable year-round temperatures, averaging 27°C (80°F), and boast of white-sand beaches, lush landscapes, exceptional water sports, a great standard of living, and friendly locals.

There is so much that awaits to be discovered in Roatan so come and let us show you around! The islands remain among the most affordable Caribbean islands in terms of real estate and quality of living.  We know that after just one visit Roatan and they Bay Islands will become one of your favorite places in this world too!

Roatan Sotheby’sInternational Realty (SIR) was founded in 2017 to clients a unique level of service that can’t be found elsewhere on the island. For the first time, our sellers will be given the opportunity to leverage the global reach of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand to deliver an unmatched level of results. Roatan SIR will also offer our buyers unrivaled expertise on the local real estate market combined with access to the island’s most exclusive listings and unparalleled customer service. In short, our focus is both local and global, and it is a proven approach to generate results.

Our company rests on the principles of integrity, transparency, and a genuine commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional experience through our unparalleled customer service and local expertise with global reach.

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5 Features that make Real Estate Investing Profitable

Often people are seen being confused where to spend the money. Investing has to be done in the correct manner to ensure that you get significant amount of returns However, even a slightest of mistake can prove to be dangerous and whatever you were to get, you will end up losing it. If you go to any expert to seek any idea, you will find most of them telling to invest in real estate. This is because you will be able to get profits for a long time. Some of the prominent reasons why investing in real estate marketing is the suitable choice include the following

Refurbished from time to time to increase sales

When you buy stocks, you wait for the right time to sell it so that you will be able to draw the most of the profits from it. But, how much your stock succeeds, depends on a number of factors. These usually include the planning and strategies of the company and management features. This itself makes it clear that the success rate of the stocks is the third party basis. However, with the real estate’s it is under your control and you can choose how much to profit. There may be certain changes which you won’t be able to completely control but there are some aspects that you can use for your advantage. You should maintain the real estate in proper condition and get it repaired from time to time. If you value your investment, the returns would just multiply.

Even recession can be profitable

You may experience any financial withdrawal in a number of cases. If you undergo any such recession, it will become tough to manage the different financial conditions. It is in these conditions that a number of people have trouble deciding on which venture to spend to get the profitable results. There are various options but real estate is the best. It is the most secure form of investment. Even when other businesses will fall down, this will stay right up and undoubtedly you will get your result.

Free from the risk of inflation

Inflation can bring you right down from the top in no time. Thus, if you are choosing to spend your money in real estate you will be sure that inflation won’t affect you. The more the pressure of inflation, the more will be the rise in the price of the real estate. Therefore, it is for this reason that in case of inflation, the price of the real estates and properties tend to rise up. Moreover, to cope-up with the inflation, you can offer a significant amount as per your choice. You can charge the rents accordingly.

Secure form of collateral

Most of the banks these days accept the documents of the real estate as the collateral. It not only protects the interest of the owners but that of the banks as well. They further ensure that the bank funds are transferred from time to time for betterment. Therefore, if you have been conducting any kind of financial dealing, you can use your real estate papers.

Allows using the money of others

Real estate is a hard estate and hence, more and more people  choose to invest in it. Often it will be seen that the real estate properties are bought with debts, So, there are not many risks associated to investing in the real estate.  You can either opt for mortgage or cash for purchasing or investing on the real estate. If you are choosing for mortgage financing, you will need to ensure payment in low amount. However, in the meanwhile the value of the property will keep on increasing from time to time. This ensures that the property is safe.

No matter how appealing and attractive real estate business appears to be, you will need to be a little careful with all of it. Be sure that you take the advice from Real Estate Investing Experts who can help you take the right decision for investment.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Things you need to know about Roatan Real Estate

Roatan, Honduras happened to be one of the most underrated places to invest on in the past few decades. However, in the recent times the place seems to have garnered a lot of attention owing to its glittering sand and the turquoise waters. Also, not to forget, the place has got itself the title as one of the best places to visit after you retire. Roatan happens to be one of the most desired island destinations. Is it in your list too? If it is still not, we suggest you put it up in your list.

Owing to such immense popularity of the place, many tourists and expats have been travelling to this place. It is, by far one of the best secret places. When you're moving around in Roatan, you get to witness a lot of things that are pretty much eye-pleasing. You can see the cruises passing the ports and the skeptical buyers around the place. But it is not the place where you would find a lot of dealers. The place is severely crowded. Moreover, one great advantage is you get to witness the place and buying a plot here is pretty affordable. The place also happens to be pretty accessible. Compared to other places, you can easily buy a property in Roatan.

 Although small, Roatan has a variety of options

The length of Roatan is regarded to be 37 mile and it is located at a stretch of about 35 mile away from the northern coast of Honduras. Also, you will be required to cover a stretch of 5 miles before you actually reach the widest point. Thus, it won't be wrong to call the place a long land. It has been divided as Easter and southwestern area. Santa Elena is located to the east of Roatan covered with mangroves. It happens to be a great attraction.

You will get to see a lot of islands around the west of Roatan. There are various developed cities that allow you to relish the experience of gym and banks. If you're concerned about medical facilities, these are available too. Roatan may just be the right place for you if you are looking for space where you can walk up straight into a bar and enjoy with the cool crowd.

 US has direct flights to Roatan

Various important cities of America has a direct flight to Roatan. The great fact however is you will land in Roatan in just 2 hours from the actual place. Earlier the place was accessible only by ferry but the introduction of the flight route has made it pretty easy. You can within no time reach Roatan from America with proper way of travelling.

Buying a real estate is very easy

You will most of the North American expats lurking around Roatan. Thus, the process of buying property in Roatan is as easy as that of North America. The price of the property over the time has appeared to be pretty similar. Because of a good government in the country, more and more people over the time have been considering to spend in the country. However, if you have been planning to invest in the country, it is better if you don't wait. You can take some expert advice and buy your own property. The foreigners are given the right to own ¾ acre of land for one-time purchase.

 Buying and living is pretty affordable

You would get to own a real beautiful property at a much affordable rate. What else do you want? The prices of the Roatan real estates are pretty affordable and so is the cost of living there. Since you will be saving a lot of money, you will get to enjoy a lot of things. You can open a small business for yourself and begin earning.

Since the place is so affordable, over the time many expats have been considering to spend on them. Also, if you have a plan to buy the property there, Roatan Sotheby's International Realty is the better if you do it as soon as you can.