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The Caribbean is a region of America that includes the Caribbean Sea, its islands and adjacent coasts. The region constitutes nearly 700 islands, islets, reefs and cays. The islands of the Caribbean have a wide diversity of flora and fauna. Because of its diverse eco-system, climate, culture and mesmerizing beaches Caribbean is one of the most visited tourist destinations. So, investment in properties in the Caribbean is a great opinion.
Property Investment in the Caribbean:
As it is one of the attractive tourist spots, purchasing Caribbean real estate properties requires a considerate amount of investment. However, it must be acknowledged by all the buyers who are investing in the Caribbean real estate that you will be getting a good value for money. An important investment is necessary for purchasing real estate in the Caribbean. It is also significant for several purchasers to discern that you are getting value for money.
But what precisely is a good value and how to ensure, so that you get the utmost value for your investment? However, this is highly dependent on the individual investor and their necessities.
caribbean investment property
Caribbean Investment Property

Sotheby’s International Realty (SIR) makes an effort to allow the buyers to invest in the Caribbean real estate properties at a reasonable price. Besides Roatan, Sotheby’s International Realty intends to put various properties and land located in different Caribbean islands on sale so as to facilitate real estate investment in the Caribbean.
Following are some of the Caribbean real estate investment prospects which deal with the elusive and profitable amalgamation of attractive price as well as high quality:
Punta Cana offers exceptional apartments for sale with a first-rate value for money. The most visited country in the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic and in addition to that, one of the top tourist spots is Punta Cana. Some remarkable apartments are situated just aside to a well-established hotel with a golf course, beach and casino. The apartments with a great price, location and the rental program provide a great value for money.
Now, let us enter the western Caribbean i.e the real estate in Roatan lying in the Bay Islands. The properties in Roatan provide one of the most reasonable destinations in the Caribbean and offers relatively good value. Sotheby’s International Realty (SIR) presently has various properties on sale in Roatan. Some of the properties are for investment while few are for vacation home purposes.
Let us take a ride to the south Caribbean side, just off the coast of northern South America where a small Dutch Caribbean island called Bonaire is located. The island is well-known to be one of the region’s top tourist spot. This island provides a good value Caribbean real estate. The typical average price per square foot of Bonaire real estate lies below $250 USD.
·      ST LUCIA:
Though less expensive than ultra-exclusive locations like Anguilla, Turks & Caicos and St Barts, the island of St Lucia would not be usually considered as one of the most reasonable real estate investment destinations in the Caribbean. However, there are only a few valuable existent properties in St Lucia.
Real estate properties existent on the island of Montserrat can be bought for a considerable lesser price as compared to the nearby islands of Antigua and Nevis. These properties on sale offer a great value for money to the buyers. The cottages and vacation homes are comparatively spacious and provide mesmerizing sea views.
Besides the islands of the Caribbean, there are a few destinations located on the Caribbean coast of Central America, which offer great value. Belize is one such destination, which provides great real estate properties for investment.
The islands of Bocas Del Toro, located off the eastern coast of Panama consist of grandeur and beautiful rainforest in combination with white sand beaches and rich-green interior. The Archipelago is one of Panama’s astonishing regions offering good value properties at an affordable price. The rental program in some places also allows the owner to earn a lump sum amount of money by renting their homes during vacations.
The key to success for buyers investing in property lies in the return from those investments which would cover their expenses. To achieve this target, selecting a proper, high-in-demand and attractive location is an utmost necessity. Sotheby’s International Realty would help you to find the exclusive properties for investment available in the islands of the Caribbean.

Friday, 1 February 2019

How Much A Profitable Deal to Sale the Caribbean Land in 2019?

Owning a property in Caribbean lands is no less than a dream. Moreover, if you have one, you know you are lucky, for the land itself is extremely beautiful. However, many owners consider selling off the property. Putting up your Caribbean Land for sale is not something that is tough but driving potential and reliable customers is something to look forward to. There are several properties coming up in Caribbean Land and you can choose to sell off your property. But, for driving potential customers, you need to stand apart from your competitors. 

Selling your Caribbean Land property can help you to draw a huge amount. Some of the prominent tips through which you can sell your property include

Put it up for sale
During the winter season, the Caribbean lands are at the risk of overgrown with plants. This basically happens the most during the rainy season. During the month of June to November, this problem arises. It is very necessary to get rid of the bush if you want to drive customers. A properly settled and put Caribbean Land for sale can help to increase the task. You need to hire a reliable person or company to help you with the cleaning task. Presenting a well-cleared plot for sale can be extremely beneficial. 

You need to check if your land is separated from that of the neighbor by a boundary. Most of the people consider buying a property that is free of bush and is separated by a boundary. If there is no proper division between the properties and the lines aren't well-defined, you should prefer clearing it off. This will give an idea to the client that your area is well-maintained and is around the best place to purchase the land. 

Pay attention to the external areas
Once you have got your home colored and cleaned, you need to take care of the external areas too. Many Caribbean lands for sale come with homes, so you need to check with it. If you are providing it to your clients, you need to prepare it in the best position. Make sure that the lawn areas are clean and if there is any unnecessary item, remove it from the land. You should also be careful with how the external area of your house looks, before your client visits. 

Put up property photos
Make sure your property looks exactly the same as it does in the photographs. Many people find it distracting that the picture of the property is not the same as that of the property. This is the reason why people prefer verifying the property before closing the deal. Apart from that when you are putting up your Caribbean Land for sale, ensure that you put up the present picture. If you are selling your property via a real estate agent, provide them with the real pictures. Not all real estate agents put up pictures, but if you want to drive more people and get a nice sum of money, you should ask the real estate agent to put up the real pictures. 

How profitable is the deal?
The Caribbean lands are one of the greatest increasing real estate market in today's generation. With such huge tourism base, several real estate agencies are coming up. Moreover, since it is easily accessible, many people from America are considering buying a property in this place as vacation homes. So, if you have been looking for an opportunity to move out and get the best deal for your property, you should consider selling it off. The potential customers are ready to pay off a great amount to own a property in the Caribbean.

Along with the other Caribbean lands for sale, you can even put up an ad for your property. However, if you want to earn high dollars, you should be maintaining the property in the right condition. You can move ahead of your customers by following the tips as mentioned above. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2019


Utila, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras, in the Caribbean, north of the mainland, is widely known for its coral reefs and multiple dive sites. Utila town (East Harbour) is known for its nightlife and breath taking sceneries. If you are planning to visit for a holiday and are looking for places to stay at or are planning to shift your abode permanently then worry not because we have got you sorted. Listed below are a few great places where you get Utila Homes for Sale.

  • Los Arcos (The Arches), located at Jack Neil Bight on the South Shore of Utila, with roughly 400 feet of stunning beach front and over eight acres of land with mature fruit trees and vegetation providing shade and privacy, is one of the most attractive properties in the South Shore area. In addition to being a great home for either a couple or family it could be an excellent choice for a small resort as well thanks to its beautiful construction and styling. The property includes 2 bedrooms, 1 bath guest house and a caretaker’s cottage. Should you desire, there is room enough to add more buildings for those who are looking to permanently move into that area.

    A few steps from the house and you enter the water at Jack Neil Bight. Here you’ll find a wide range of Caribbean reef fish, from grunts to groupers, damselfish, spotted drums, puffer fish, trunkfish, seahorses, and turtles, eagle rays and moray eels. Perfect for shore diving and snorkeling!
  • Casa Tranquila: if you are someone who loves nature, less crowded peaceful and quiet places then this one, away from hustle and bustle of the mainland is a tiny heaven for you with it's wooden construction and styling. Chill out on the 8 x 20 ft porch out on the front, or sit indoors admiring the home's high ceilings and surrounding Honduran wood. Two large loft spaces are awaiting you to add your personal touch. There’s enough additional rooms to build a small office as well. It's already furnished. Yes, you heard that right, just bring your wardrobe and you are set to start your life.
  • Casa Colorado: Just a few minutes’ walk away from ChepesBeach, Casa Colorado is located on Utila’s main street in an area known as Sandy Bay. Beach bars, waterfront restaurants, and grocery stores are all nearby. Casa Colorado is ideally located for all purposes; a vacation home, permanent residence or vacation rental property. This one's fully furnished as well
  • Utila Town Center, Bay Islands, Honduras: One large apartment with two bedrooms, two full baths (can be separated into one bedroom with attached bathroom with separate entrance and a one bedroom apartment), a cozy kitchen with hardwood cabinets, large living room with dining area, hardwood floors throughout and two airy porches outside. Doesn't that sound great? The view is even more awesome. The main house and all the for-sale units are bright and cheery, beautifully decorated, and amazingly detailed. They are fully furnishedwith  air-conditioner, ceiling fans, a cable TV, wireless internet, hot water, full baths and plenty of closets and storage spaces throughout the apartment.
  • Red Cliff, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras, Utila, Islas: The rent is around 30K and it has three large bedrooms, with high ceilings, sliding glass doors, plush closet storage, A/C and two of them have en suite baths. The third bath is quite large, has light provided by a skylight panel, and serves as the guest bath for the public area of the home. On the lower level, there is a garage(bodega) with plenty of room to park a vehicle, plus storage for tools and other items.

That's only a few good choices. For more you can contact other Utila Real Estate Agencies or go sightseeing to see for yourself.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

How to Find Fixed Income Homes in Honduras?

The Caribbean is one of the best places to live in. The different islands, Roatan, Gunaja and so many places to live in and the interesting activities to do there make it even more favorable. Compared to the other islands in Caribbean, Roatan and Utila are more enjoyable and affordable. The prices of the land in islands are very much affordable and one can even choose to bargain around the place. You can come in contact with the expert of real estate in Roatan, and determine the best place to live in. This way you will also get to know about the price of a particular property. Roatan has experienced a gradual rise in the price over the last few years.


Location should be your main concern when looking out for fixed income homes in Honduras. Although you will have a number of reasons and options, you need to be a little careful. You should check whether they will be offering the budget friendly homes for your fixed income. There are various regions where you may get such option. The real estate agents will check you up with the overall process. Before getting the home, you will need to show a fixed proof of your work.


First of all, you need to check with the laws of the state to determine what documents you need to offer to get the fixed income homes in Honduras. Usually these federal and state government offer you complete assistance to get a home for you and your family. These governmental association usually have a list of the apartment and available houses on their websites. You can use those for information and enjoy. Apart from that you should also check if these programs are available in your area.

Foreign laws

Most people have a tough time determining whether the foreigners can live in Honduras or not. Ever since 1991, the foreigners have been permitted to live in Honduras. However they are limited to own a property of 3000 square meters as far as residential use is concerned. The real estate agents can help you understand these laws which will further prove to be beneficial. They can make you the Administrator and help you build up your own virtually sized property which can be beneficial for the residential use.


The price of the fixed income homes in Honduras is something you should definitely look forward to. You should check with the price of these fixed income homes. The agents of real estate in Roatan and Honduras can help you determine the right value of the property. Apart from that you should check whether you can get affordable homes or not. However, the cost of living in Roatan is very much affordable compared to other parts of Caribbean. In fact, the price of gasoline is very much affordable too.


The fixed homes in Honduras are available at very much affordable prices. However, these can be found with proper stock certificates too. You can also consider the financing options in the place. You should be providing all the registered documents with legal process for proper benefits. If you want financing, you can consider following the legal process for better advantages. You can choose to take a personal loan. Not only this, there are other options too which you may enjoy and all these vary depending on the property. Apart from that, complete financing option is available too via banking. These are offered only for the legal residents and citizens. These are available at high rates with high down payments and that too for a short term.

Roatan is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in if you are looking forward to having a great time. Apart from that, there are other options too that you can try. The fixed income homes in Honduras may be available for you if you contact the real estate experts.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Quick Guide to Caribbean Real Estate Financing

Caribbean is a tropical paradise. And, owning a chunk of land in the paradise can be a dream for many. If you have ever visited the Caribbean, you surely must have built a strong coveting towards owning a property there. Caribbean is the most sought after place for vacation and retirement properties. This means, it is not a piece of cake to purchase a property in the Caribbean. You can’t just intend to buy a property today and buy it tomorrow. You need to pre plan your approach. And for that, you need some expert advice. Here, I will provide a short and quick guide for buying a property in the Caribbean, so that your purchase goes as good as possible, and you can live your dream of having a land in paradise!

1.Do thorough research.
If you think after a visit to the Caribbean, you know everything about the place, you are wrong. You need to do some research before buying a land in the Caribbean. If your intentions are to build a retirement house, you need to be sure that the place is near hospitals and support services facilities. Also, you need to take into account, the basic facilities, like water, electricity, internet connection, etc. And, if you are planning to buy an investment property, you need to make sure that it is in a prime area, with amenities like, shops or beach.

2.look for financing before buying.
You need to take into account how will you finance your purchase. If you are planning to have a mortgage, its always good to seek pre approval from your lender. This is a step you should take before going for house hunting. Approvals can take time so its better to do all this stuff before looking for houses. Also, you need to know the rules of the islands in the matter of real estate. Like, some Caribbean islands, wants you to have all the money for buying a house. Whereas, some islands allow you to have mortgage. The mortgage rules are almost similar to other countries in the Caribbean.

3.Hire a good real estate agent.

A good real estate agent would be knowledgeable of the rules and laws and can help you find the perfect property you are looking for. They can also help you out of the long and laborious governmental process that entails buying a property. They can then further assist you into completing the purchase and all the other aftermath of buying a property.

4.Have an attorney.

Once you have chose the property you want to buy, you’ll need to hire an attorney. There are certain laws of buying a property in the Caribbean for overseas individuals. To properly interpret these laws, you will need an attorney. It is always good to ask an expert in this matter, to choose the best attorney.

5.Know the rules to make yourself eligible of buying a property.

There are certain rules of different islands, you need to play by, to finally purchase a property in the Caribbean. For example, there is a rule for an island that, the buyer should be present in the island to sign the property documents. Another rules in an island is that, the buyer should have a unique tax number given by the tax administration, before buying a property in the island. So, you need to know whether you are eligible to buy a property in certain island or not.

6.Patience is important.

Due to cultural and national differences, buying a property can take some time. Also, the governmental processes can take a bit long. So, having patience is really important. Keep in touch with your real estate agent and attorney, to assure proper flow of everything. The results will come and they’d surely be fruitful.

7.know about the exchange rates.

Having knowledge of the exchange rates can help you while buying a property in the Caribbean. Some agents may charge you dollars or euros so, knowing the exchange rates can help here. Also, you will need to pay the fees of your real estate agent and your attorney in the home currency. So, knowing the exchange rates would clearly help.

8.Protect your new property.

Your new property is your asset and its what you have dream of. So, you should protect it well. You should give it timely visits to check out the state and condition. Also, include it in your will, to pass it to your progeny.

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Preparation for Scuba Diving Vacation in Roatan

If you are looking for an ideal vacation spot for scuba diving, then Roatan is just the right place for you. The Roatan is a beautiful island on the Caribbean located about 65 kilometers from the northern coast of Honduras. The place is also referred to as The Big Island and is situated by the islands of Guanaja and Utila. However, the Roatan happens to be the largest of all the Bay Islands of Honduras. The geography and climate of the island make it the ideal place for Scuba diving. Thus, if you have had a long vacation planning, make sure to go scuba diving in Roatan.

Why should you go scuba diving in Roatan?

If you are concerned about why you should go scuba diving in Roatan, there may be a number of reasons why you should be doing it. Its extensive range of marine life with the shallow reefs and plummeting walls makes it the best spot for scuba diving. If you are lucky (or rather unlucky) enough, you may encounter with one of the largest fishes of the sea: the majestic whale sharks. Roatan is the best place for expert and beginners for diving. Since there are so many beautiful shipwrecks and shark-dives, you will never regret diving in Roatan.

There are several visual delights why you may want to go diving in Roatan.


These cute little sea creatures are an absolute delight to watch. You may not always be lucky to witness these, but once you’re underwater in Roatan, you may get to see these for sure. Swimming along with its groups, you will spot not one but many seahorses underwater. However, if you want to see some seahorses, you need to observe the surroundings carefully. You may also spot the pipefish while scuba diving in Roatan

Pretty peas

You may get to spot some baby trunkfish while you are touring the reef. These are also referred to as peas because the fishes are round in shape and very small in size. Moreover, these underwater creatures are extremely adorable.


Sounds weird, right? But you may get to see some yellow-headed jawfish while you’re swimming over the sandy patches. You may get to see them in weird places such as burrows. If you are a little patient, you may catch the male jawfishes carrying eggs on their mouths. They also go on popping these eggs.

Roatan Marine Park

The Roatan marine park is one efficient spot that you will get to enjoy while scuba diving in Roatan. It was established back in 1989 by the name of Sandy Bay-West End Marine Reserve. It stretches across 17 miles and has about 10,400 square miles of coral reef under its protection.

Meso american reef

You may have heard of the beautiful Mesoamerican Reef. All the parts of the Bay Islands inclusive of Roatan islands have been a part of the Southernmost part of the Mesoamerican Reef. The Mesoamerican Reef is vast with a stretch of 600 miles. It is regarded as the second largest reef in the world. So, Mesoamerican reef is one of the reasons that may compel you to go scuba diving in Roatan

El Aguila

If you are looking forward to witnessing the shipwrecks, then you should go for scuba diving. The El Aguila is one of the best shipwrecks that you can see in the Roatan islands. The mast of the ship is extremely big that attracts the eye of everyone. If you have dived underwater, you need to take time, and you will get to witness a lot of things. These may include the slender filefish, secretary blennies, neck and arrowhead crabs and some more. 

There are several places where you can go scubadiving in Roatan islands. You can come in contact with the expert tour guides and go on scuba diving. Not only scuba diving, but you can also go snorkelling too. Undoubtedly, Roatan is one of the best places for underwater activities so plan your vacation and enjoy.  

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How to find best Utila homes for sale?

If you're looking forward to have a great vacation, then Utila is one of the major places to visit. In the North of the mainland of the Caribbean are the Utila islands among the group of Bay Islands in Honduras. Utila is an extremely famous destination for its wide range of coral reefs and dive sites. If you're an ardent lover of the nature, then you can find different wildlife species around the surrounding waters. Utila, Honduras attracts a lot of tourists each year due to its extensive charm. But only a few of all has very low prices for owning a piece in the paradise. When you find Utila homes for sale, you need to consider a lot of things

Consult your real estate agent

You will have a tough time finding the Utila homes for sale. As a result, you can consider talking to a real estate agent for convenience. They will help you find the right property. Once you find a property you can ask your real estate agent to create the simple sales agreement. Then, you can further analyze it and proceed with the process.

Take time to deposit the earnest money

Usually it takes around 7-10 days for depositing the earnest amount. This will hold applicable to the real estate. However, before making any deposit basis on the agreement, you should consider talking to your seller. After producing the contract regarding the wire money and signing by the customer, the property will come down the market. However, you should be careful while wiring the earnest money. You should carefully consider the terms and contracts set up by the owner. The Utila homes for sale come with a range of laws and order. As a result, you should prefer to be sure regarding the property.

Look around for deals

You can find a number of Utila homes for sale around you. But before you actually settle in one home, you will need to look around a number of them. You should prefer analyzing all the deals carefully before finalizing any deal. When you consider the real estate agents, you will often find that there are various raw deals coming up with the agents. Apart from that, there will be several options around the place you want to buy. You can analyze the details carefully before finalizing the decision. On analyzing you can find eight suitable properties, but you should accept only one offer.

Look for investment

You should consider your investment return, while you purchase the property. Many real estate agents would often advice you to consider purchasing the property as the investment. As a result, you can prefer the 1% investment strategy. As per the 1% rule, you should get the income property of rent 1% so that you get access to the positive cash flow. This will actually give you a positive idea of the fair market price around the rentals of the area.

Check for the capital rate

You should check for the capital rates for the Utila homes for sale. You should check for the price according to the Square foot and price per door or the neighborhood comps. These will be more effective when you analyse the property properly. If there are any price drops you should consider it. This will offer a great buying opportunity.

Analyze the condition of the property

When you find Utila homes for sale in the Bay Islands, you should check for the condition of the property. The condition of the property will help you to get a discount. When you check for the properties inline and there aren't any properties, you should not consider buying it. You should consider consulting your real estate company about the property's price. This will also help you get the effective quick sale on the price.

When you purchase the property, you should prefer clearing off the taxes. These prices usually vary depending on the location of the property. The price may vary, so you should consider consulting the real estate agent.